Can there be Hiding Places in a Tropical Fish Tank?

Published: 31st August 2010
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Tropical fish can get stressed out after some time. Yes, you read it right! They need a place to rest too. This is a point that is neglected by many people who do not have enough information about fish keeping. Thus the tropical fish aquariums should provide them with places where the fish can relax. This is of great importance for the fish’s health.

There is a list of things that can be added to provide safe hiding places in the tropical fish aquarium. Some of them include hunks of driftwood, stones, sea-shells, and plants. These objects provide comfortable hiding places for the fish because of their large size. The fish can enjoy minutes of solitude in these hideouts. Like other organisms, fish also need places to sleep peacefully. So, these places can fulfill that purpose too, even during the day.

Tropical fish are a kind of fish which do not like to be in the open all the time. The natural objects used as hiding places act as the fish’s natural habitat thereby giving them a feeling that they are still out there in the tropical waters. There exist a lot of plants and rocks to hide from predators. This makes the tropical fish get used to this behavior even when there are no predators. So, when there is no hiding place, the fish get scared and eventually fall ill. Also, if the place where the tropical fish aquarium is placed is noisy, then the fish might want to have a moment in the quiet.

There is no set rule about a hiding place. You can choose whatever you want. It can be natural or artificial like models of Greek ruins, small statues etc. small flower pots can also be put inside. Whatever you choose, make sure that you wash it properly because if it is not properly cleaned, they might alter the pH levels of the water thus harming the fish.

These are a few ways by which you can provide hiding places to the fish in your tropical fish tank. Such places will also provide more room for swimming around. So hurry up and get nice little objects to make the hiding places!

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