Abe Hensley

name A lot of folks simply have a calling, they are born with a affection of something without understanding why. My family never lived near the ocean, nevertheless I always liked fish. I remember getting my 1st fish on my 9th birthday, from my grandfather and grandmother; unfortunately the fish died inside a few weeks. I was so angry, but that made me learn much more about how to look after them. Ever since then I've studied and built my personal freshwater and saltwater fish tanks, made a lot of mistakes, but had so a lot fun. I've helped lots of young families build their own home aquariums...they have been astonished at the difference it has made to their lives. An aquarium just provides this calm and peace to the room, I think that's why I love it so a lot.

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Can there be Hiding Places in a Tropical Fish Tank?

31st August 2010
Tropical fish can get stressed out after some time. Yes, you read it right! They need a place to rest too. This is a point that is neglected by many people who do not have enough information about fish keeping. Thus the tropical fish aquariums should prov... Read >